Radio Ads to Unbounce - Advice + Feedback = Helping :)

I’m looking for more than just feedback on the page… I’m really curious to know if anyone has published ads for radio and pointed users to a landing page.

My goal is to get people to install an app. So the button on the page leads to the App Store to install. In addition to feedback of the landing page elements…

  • What advice would you have on the URL? This is radio so it’s gotta be short, right?
  • Considering a radio listener, where do you think most traffic would be from, mobile or desktop?
  • What elements could help a radio listener’s experience on the page?
  • The app will be advertised on all religious radio stations. Should I include copy that references a listening experience? Example: “So you love the radio, I bet you read too.”

Here is the page…

Oh! Also, two variants running… One with a button beside the hero image, and one with a bouncing arrow beside the hero image.

First to answer your questions:

  1. Yes, you should try to keep the URL short, because nobody wants to type in a long, unruly URL. And the more typing required, the greater chance of a typo.

That being said, choosing something that’s easy to remember is even more important. It won’t matter how short the URL is if people can’t remember it when they go to type it in. Choose something easy to spell and be sure to clarify anything that could be misconstrued. For example numerals vs. a number spelled out.

  1. I would think the majority would be on mobile but that’s something you probably want to keep track of during the campaign.

  2. I don’t you need to specifically mention the radio format on the page. People know where they are coming from. It’s more important that your messaging on the page matches the messaging of the radio spot.

As for the page itself, I t really like the clean, modern look of design. I like how you’ve broken up the info into different sections, and it’s great that you’ve included a couple of testimonials for social proof.

There’s always room for improvement, though, right?

I get what the product is, but I think it’s not clear enough what makes the app special. Why should someone choose this over another app or just an old school printed book? Don’t just talk about features in the copy, show them whenever possible. You want people to visualize themselves interacting with the app.

I know you show some of this in the video, but there’s no context. I would add a voiceover or text introducing the features and how they support benefits.

The features you’ve chosen to highlight in the second section are a bit underwhelming. The navigational menu usually isn’t high on the list of features people look for in an app. There’s got to be something more exciting you can highlight.

The wording can be punched up a bit. There are a lot of passive and awkward sentences throughout. For instance, “Let the Bible be read aloud to you with the Audio feature” could be rewritten as something like this: “Listen to your favorite passages even when reading is impossible (like when driving) with the convenient Audio feature.”

While I like the look of the backgrounds you’ve chosen, reversing out all that type can decrease readability. I’d also change either the color of the button or the color of type on the button to add more contrast.

Finally, it was smart to keep your page focused on just one CTA and leave off the traditional main navigation, but I think you can repeat your CTA. The middle of the page is an odd spot for a lone CTA as well.

I would put one at the end, after the testimonials. It feels incomplete without one and if someone reaches the end and want to move to the next step, they now have to scroll back up, which isn’t the best UX. I would also consider putting one above the fold (which I see you are testing), so it’s immediately clear what you are asking the user to do. If you feel like it’s getting too CTA heavy, you can remove the current one.

Best of luck!

Sweet thanks @SeanKirby!

I’m gonna sweep through all the copy again. I was trying to think of other ways to describe it this morning… my brain had melted. Your feedback is super helpful :smiley:

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Happy to help.

We did it and used an easy to remember landing page for our software advertising with ads run through a regional radio station:

The issue for us was that the radio spots were pretty expensive. We ran it for about 90 days. We did get some leads but nothing panned out long term. For us it was a good experiment but we found much better success with SEO and Google Ads.

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