Programmatically build landers (possible?)

Hi. I am interested in being able to build landing pages programmatically. :nerd_face:

For example, I want to be able to build 10 unique landing pages instantaneously using something like a JSON file or a script that I write, that I then pass to Unbounce with all the desired page names, chosen custom domain URL, and even group them and name the group…

… all through code.

… at the click of a button.

At first, I thought that’s what the Unbounce API was for but after studying the API documentation carefully, I realized the API has nothing to do with manipulating the landing page builder using code and has more to do with integrations and pulling data out of an Unbounce account for sales/marketing purposes.

P.S. Yes, this is a developer thing. Not something a typical user would do (but is immensely useful like you can’t imagine).

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Woah @freddymedia this would be mind blowing, :exploding_head: I almost spilled my coffee just thinking about it.

Have you made any progress so far on this or are you wondering if it’s possible?


Hi, Jess!

… this functionality is currently possible with Photoshop, After Effects, Magix Vegas pro, and even coding a website (using JSON "snippets). It’s not new. Since 2003, for example, the video editing program “Sony Vegas” allowed users to accelerate several repetitive/cumbersome tasks that the software could do much faster.

It’s generally called “scripting”.

If a program is structured pretty much like a database or a folder structure, like a parent folder with sub folders inside, and more sub-subfolders inside and so on, this is standard stuff.

It’s not something a normal UB user would even request, because they probably build one page at a time, and (Back To The Future reference) “they have to use their hands”.

But the moment they need to create landers at scale, THAT’S when time is of the essence and we need to summon the powers of coding to do what only the code does better than a human.

Your current API seems to resemble exactly this. It PULLS data from the user account.

At the moment, however, it only GRABS data from the user account… it doesn’t insert/add it into the database (the one which holds the ‘DNA’ that describes what a lander looks like, how many sections it has, what the page width is set to, what Group the lander belongs to, what custom domain was assigned to it, etc).

It’s VERY possible, and you guys are already 50% of the way there. Your developers would simply have to create an interface to allow users to add their scripts.

One day (maybe). One day…

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