Problem with Web Fonts in Firefox


Hey guys :slight_smile:

We’re experiencing problems with the inbound unbounce Web Fonts in Firefox since a week or so. While they are displayed correctly in Chrome and even Internet Explorer, Firefox replaces some of them with Times New Roman, not pretty. :frowning:
(Firefox Version 38.8.0)

The Fonts we’re having issues with are for instance “Droid Sans” or “Ubuntu”. Is there an issue with the Web Fonts lately or is it an issue with Firefox?

When I chose one of these fonts, it doesn’t give a fallback like “arial” or “sans-serif” in the source code, that’s why Firefox chose Times after “Ubuntu” failed. I can for sure fix the problem myself by adding the fallback, but it would be really annoying to change that on all the pages we created. :wink:

Is there a different solution for the problem? Is anybode else having the same issues recently?


Hey Annick!

I haven’t heard of anything like this happening recently, I’d suggest shooting a message over to It would be super cool if you could share your findings in here incase there are others in the Community experiencing this issue. 

Keep us posted. :slight_smile: