Post to URL and go to Thank you Page


I’m trying to submit a webform to post to a marketo url and then go to a thank you page afterwards. The form confirmation only has the option to post form data to a url but it does not have any additional options to go to a thank you page afterwards. Any directions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

My understanding is unbounce is not HIPPA compliant so i cant use the Marketo Integration.


Hi @Joe_Butch,

Are you using a native Unbounce form or are you embedding your own form?
If you are after HIPPA compliance, I would assume you are embedding your own form or embedding a Marketo form?
(Otherwise, the form’s data would be stored on Unbounce as well)

In any case, Marketo allows you to set a form completion action so you can use that to redirect wherever you need to.