Phone number country code in form


Is there any way to append the country code, or at the very least, a +1 or so to the phone numbers that are submitted via email? It makes it very difficult to tap to automatically call when reading the email on mobile.


I think the short answer is - not easily…

However there are ways:

1 - get a javascript wizard on the case
2 - it looks possible, using this:
3 - it looks relatively easy to do it in the subject line - can one click to call from a subject line - maybe, will the phone handle the +1 and leading 0 - maybe
4 - there is an integration to zapier - it maybe possible to do something there - or mailchimp… messy but very possible i would have thought.


Hi @ova_adam,

@Alex_Scovell is right that you have a few options

If you just need to append +1 to your phone number field, the easiest way to do it is through the email template.

However, if you need to look up the visitor’s country and append the appropriate country code, you’ll need some custom javascript to do it.



You won’t be able to edit the email template - you cannot extract individual fields in the template.

I understand the other points (and we can do it as well), but I would have assumed there’s an easier way already baked-in.