Passing URL parameters through multiple URL's


I’m new to Unbounce (recently switched from Instapage) and I find the “append form data to URL” option really useful. However, the URL that I need the parameters to go to is not the URL I redirected them to. For example, they submit the form and then they are redirected to our products page. After they choose a specific product, they are taken to the final form (the form I want the URL parameters directed to). I ran a test form submission through this and it doesn’t work. Any ideas on how I can solve this?


Hey Lynford! Welcome to Unbounce :sunglasses:

I assume the product page is on your site?

You’d need to make sure that your website links also pass over the URL parameters, if not, it will drop them.

Let me know if that makes sense?


Thanks for the reply. And yes it does make sense, but how do I make sure the links do pass over the parameters?