Passing Prospects to Pardot via Zapier


Hi, I have recently begun using Unbounce, I have implemented Zapier to pass leads from Unbounce to Pardot upon form submission.

I seem to have issues with tracking however, new prospects are being created in Pardot but they are listed as “never active” and do not appear in the “active prospect” log. Their activity does not seem to be logged within Pardot even though I have installed the tracking script across all Unbounce pages?

Is there anything else that could be causing the issue?

I had initially intended to integrate Unbounce directly with Salesforce initially but found that duplicate rules in SF prevented Unbounce from passing leads through if the email was always replicated in SF. If someone knows how I can configure SF to accept these leads and add them to an existing users activity, rather than attempting to create a new (duplicate) contact that would also be extremely helpful?

I’m open to whichever integration works best?

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long-winded explanation,