Page not fully responsive and got horizontal bar



I finished publish a test landing page. I set the page width to 1170px. Now, I can see 3 issues regarding page responsiveness :

1 - Even in full screen dekstop, there is the horizontal bar.
2 - I manually resize the browser window, and at some point the page is cut in half and need to scroll horizontally to view the content.
3 - Even in mobile view, there is the horizontal bar.

This is the page I’m talking about.


1170px is pretty wide for a desktop page. I’d try to scale it back closer to 1000px if it was me. I usually build pages around 940px wide.


I think even if I scale it to 940px also it’s gonna happen since I tried using some of the templates, and I manually resize the browser window and it still cut in half. So it is normal for unbounce?


Hey @Web_Support,

That’s the intended behavior.

Unbounce has only 1 break point at 600px. Anything visitor with browser window above 600px will see the desktop version. So in practice between 601px and 940px, you won’t see the whole page in a single screen.