Overview of all events that are tracked automatically with Unbounce


Hey there!

As we know, Unbounce tracks all sort of stuff automatically, which is handy.

So far I have seen

  • Phone
  • Form
  • Lightbox
  • etc.

However I didn’t find a comprehensive list of all the events that are tracked by Unbounce which would be really helpful in order to set up conversion goals properly within Google Analytics.

Did someone put something together or can tech support share it here with us?



Hi @SebastianTh,

The native, out of the box Google Analytics tracking records the following:

We will send events for the following:

* Button Clicks
* Text Link Clicks
* Form Submissions
* Variant Tracking

You can of course setup custom events for anything you wish to track or go the GTM route and track even more stuff like page scroll depth.