One form, multiple assets delivered

OK my fellow Unbouncers, this is my first request in a long time, so hoping you can help.

Here is the page I’m working with:

Here’s what I want to do with this page.

  1. Prefill my subscribers contact information into hidden fields from my database. The variable “r=” along with a little Javascript does that part. All good.

  2. Have the readers be able to download multiple assets on the page either from the primary form or secondary submit buttons and collect the lead for each submit. I saw a recent script that was offered here and is pasted below (Multiple form submit buttons - same form - no user input required). I followed the very helpful directions implementing that part. So far, so good.

  3. This is is where I am stuck. While 1 and 2 above work correctly, I can’t figure out how to get the second asset to actually be delivered on submit. It keeps delivering only the primary form asset to the user.

I am a Javacript novice, but is there some change in the script below that could be made that would resolve this?

I have a page that I want to do the following:

  • Feed the contact information from my database

@Charles_Tanner -
What are you trying to accomplish on the business level? I’m wondering if there isn’t a simpler way to square this circle.

Thanks for your question Adam.

From the business side, we sell programs to our advertisers who want to reach our audience and generate leads using their white paper, video, webinar content. Leads for these programs are typically generated via an email deployment we send to our audience with the asset offer.

Traditionally, we have been a bit limited in needed 1 landing page per asset in order to generate the leads from each form submit.

We were thinking if we could have one landing page that offered access to multiple assets on the page, we might be able to generate more overall leads for a sponsor on a given campaign.

Hope that makes some sense. Appreciate your thoughts.

@Charles_Tanner - That makes total sense. Here’s what we do with assets like this:

  • Take an email address in a basic form. We typically pre-fill when we’re coming from email or when we have a MAP connected directly (usually a native form).

  • Send them to a thank you page with links to each asset. (This is WordPress 99% of the time.) This also makes for an easy Goal in Google Analytics.

  • In some cases – typically when we’re packaging up a sizable “bundle” of assets – we’ll give a link to a .zip file. This likely isn’t necessary for two PDFs.

  • Deliver the assets (via link to the WordPress media library) in a thank you email.

Would that work? You’re collecting the info and gating the content, and delivering it in an easy-to-use way.

Thanks Adam.

At this time we are not delivering an auto-responder email to the readers post form submit. We don’t have mechanisms in place to do that, so it’s just out of scope for what we are doing at this time. One of the few shortcomings of Unbounce’s tool that I wish was an option (like other form tools offer).

All of the deliverables to the reader happen on screen. Here is a link to an alternate page example where you can see the content coming to the reader in the way we’d like (white papers begin downloading, video plays instantly in a lightbox).

The downside right now is that the buttons on the right side do not generate a physical lead in the system; only the form submit on the left does.

Ah, gotcha! What’s the back-end lead system?

All of our leads collected on programs like this for the hundreds of clients go through a 3rd party tool called ActiveProspect via the very neato webhook feature that Unbounce offers.

ActiveProspect is designed to collect leads from form tools like Unbounce and corral them in a way we can deliver them to our clients with alot more automation.

The readers simply get all of the info instantly on screen.

Interesting. And a neat little challenge.

Like I said, we typically go KISS principle on these – the submit button triggering an Unbounce popup with links, for instance. Totally get if that’s not an option, but it’s essentially the same UX as the video in the example there. As a bonus, it’s super easy to set up and rock-solid. But YMMV. :slight_smile:

Hey @Charles_Tanner

My team recently gathered to tackle a similar concept. In our case, we wanted a way to upsell and we came up with two options.

:one: Pass along form data as url parameters to new Unbounce pages (a thank you page) where the form would prefill and the user can continue to get more assets. Honestly one could just build an endless cycle of upsell with this method. It’s not too ideal depending on how you organize collecting leads for each asset, because an endless upsell cycle is not a good experience.

I did come up with a way to use radio buttons that are actually asset id numbers, and a script to text-replace the id’s with actual titles. So when the form is submitted we can just see which id (additional asset) the user selected when submitting the form. Then we would use dynamic content with url parameters to display the assets they chose. I didn’t get to the dynamic part of this idea because we went a different route.

:two: Get a programmer to build our own iFrame that holds all the additional assets and will collect form data from the parent pages for our database.

We went with the second option because we knew it would be worth the effort because we are a big network. But if you have any questions about method one, I’m happy to try and help.

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your suggestion. Option 2 sounds interesting. Did you hire a programmer to do something like that or do you have existing staff for that. Programming support for something like this is maybe what I ultimately need to find. Struggling a bit to find it.

Yeah, we have a team of programmers to work on projects like this.

It might be worth it for you to start a thread in the Job Board here in the community. Maybe someone will be able to share some helpful insight about contracting a job like this.

Thanks Kyle, that’s exactly was I was doing today. Appreciate your help.

hey there,

Did you try to have one small LP per form / assets and then incorporate the two LP in a new LP with an iframe for each ? i haven’t tried but could be simple solution, even if it does require 3 LP in the end…

Oh wow, genius! Good idea to try

Hi Julien,

Interesting suggestion. Definitely wanted to try to avoid multiple landing pages + iFrame if I could. I feel like with the right bit of javascript, we would be able to pull this off., but not being a programmer that’s the hard part for me to tell. It is a fun challenge.

i understand how you feel as it’s the same for me.
I’m currently trying to understand how a dynamic section height script work. i found it on the community
The night will be long !

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