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Hi there, I’ve looked at this thread (Modify form validation to prevent free email domains?) and implemented this script (, but it doesn’t seem to work for Lightbox forms. Please assist, I would really like to use this script for Lightbox lead-pages as well. Thanks!


Hey Bertus! Welcome to the Community! :spinbounce:

I’ve reached out to my colleague @Mark_Wainwright who can provide more insight on this, as he came up with this script originally.

Unless any of the @Unbounce-Experts have any input in the meantime, Mark will reach out shortly!


Hi @Bertus_Schoeman! Thanks for reaching out.

I tested this out and I was able to get it working with a lightbox form.

First of all, make sure you add the script to the Javascripts section of the lightbox that contains the form. The script won’t work if it’s placed on the main page.

Second, make sure you edit the line of the script that starts var field – replace email_address with the actual ID of the form field you wish to add the validation to.

Let us know how you get on!


Hi @Mark_Wainwright,

I couldn’t find a more up to date topic on this. Where does your script need to be placed? Head or body tag? Can this also be placed in the account wide scripts or does it need to be added to every page?


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We’re still interested in this topic as well!