Newsletter Conversion Page Review Request


Hi All,

Have been testing mostly outbrain and FB traffic to this content page to drive newsletter subscribers (and a few articles others with a very similar layout) -

It is converting at 2.34% then the convertables exit overlay converts at 2.01%. Because the convertables don’t work on mobile I am going to test optimonk soon as the lift on desktop has been significant.

Anyway what are your thoughts on how I can improve conversion overall?


P.S The buttons are flat due to our digital brand guidelines (I’m working on getting them changed).
P.P.S I have not tired light boxes because they are extremely slow to load when using the wordpress plugin.


Hey Derry,

Nice layout! Here’s a bit of constructive feedback:

  1. I think the main issue is that there’s not call to action above the fold. When I got to the page, I immediately watched the video, but that’s it. I think a lot of folks are probably watching the video and then bouncing. There’s nothing telling them to stay, and they’re probably not going to keep scrolling just for the heck of it.

You can confirm this hunch by using a heat mapping tool like Hotjar (it’s free). It’ll show you how far down the page people scroll.

I would also consider testing a different way of hosting your videos. Wistia is my favorite, because they have a feature that lets you collect email addresses with an opt-in directly within the video player. This could help you boost opt-ins, as the call to action would be part of the video.

  1. The second thing I’d test is a more direct offer. People tend to turn a blind eye to “get updates” or “subscribe” these days. Maybe try a specific downloadable, or access to more videos in a video library, or something more direct.

Just a few things to consider testing. Best of luck with the page and let us know how it goes!


Thanks Nicholas,

I like your thinking. I tried having the CTA under the video but the conversion plummeted. My assumption is that people see the page as a sales page instead of a high quality article (which it is). Until they have consumed some content they have no motivation to subscribe. We have Hotjar so yes I should test this and will.

Wistia is a great idea so the CTA can be in the video.

We need to put together some perennial downloadable content and are working on this.

I notice that the exit overlay is triggered when people go to use the scroll bar. This isn’t ideal as they are not going to exit but instead are getting interrupted as they are trying to read. Any thoughts on this?



Hey Derry,

If people are not seeing the CTA, that’s a page layout issue. Hotjar should tell you if the majority of people are seeing it or not.

If they are seeing the CTA but not responding to it, then you have an offer issue. This is where testing different offers comes in. I have a hunch that the offer is the issue. In about 75% of the projects I work on, usually it’s the offer rather than the page layout that is causing problems.

As for the exit overlay, my first question would be how much traffic are you getting on desktop vs. mobile? I ask because exit intent only works on desktop, so I want to make sure you’re prioritizing what matters most. If you tell me that most of your traffic is mobile, then I’d try a different format for your overlay. Maybe a box that scrolls up from the bottom, or an ever-present banner/bar at the top of the page.

But yeah, I did notice that the exit overlay popped for me pretty quickly, which was a little jarring. It might be causing some trust issues with the visitors.

Lastly, to make the page less like a sales page, I’d break up the text with some nice images with people in them. Images of people are great for building trust. Also, consider moving your trust logos further up the page (I almost missed them entirely), and add a few testimonials with photos of clients to the page as well.

I really hope none of my feedback comes off as critical. I see you’re putting a lot of work into your page and your content. I think we some more testing and tweaking you’ll have those conversions up in no time!