New to unbounce, simply amazing, please give feedback on our landing page


I am new to marketing aspects and just found your amazing community. Could you have a look at our landing page and give me feedback on it?

Despite being optimized for the keywords online yoga classes, having a good keyword density, 22 backlinks, it is very badly found in Google but also people landing there are not so likely trying out the class. I saw Nicholas’ feedback on Andrews online yoga course and would love to have such a wonderful expert feedback also for ours.

Thanks a lot and a great week,


Ooooh I do love these posts! And I’m sure @Nicholas (plus the rest of the @Unbounce-Experts) would be delighted to throw some feedback up here.

Very excited to see what comes up!!


Hey @Sofian,

If I were you, I’d not worry about whether or not the landing page would show up search results. I’ll leave the “how to get traffic to the landing page” to you and others who are more qualified than I am in that regard, but you should really be focusing on “conversions”.

I see that you’ve pointed to your website (and not a landing page?). If you mistakenly put in your actual website and not the landing page, I sure would like to see the landing page to give you any feedback.

The link you shared is of your website and while we are on it, never build a landing page with those nav links, and other links taking the attention of your visitor away from what they were supposed to do – take one action that matters to your business.


Hi Sofian!

Welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing your project. It looks nice, but as @Ashwin_Satyanarayana pointed out, this is more of a home page, and less of a “landing page,” since you have a lot going on. Landing pages are typically much more focused, with just 1 call-to-action, and very few (if any) external links.

Can you tell us more about your efforts to promote the page? Are you running any paid advertising to any specific landing pages, or to this home page, or are you focusing exclusively on organic (SEO) traffic at the moment?



Hey @Sofian!

When you say “people landing there are not so likely trying out the class” are you referring to a low conversion rate? If so, what is your conversion rate (conversions/visitors*100)?

Also, do you know the main source of your traffic? This alone may be having a huge negative impact on your page’s ability to convert, whether you’re well ranked organically or not. The first most important step is to understand WHO is landing on this page in order to know why it’s not working and what you can change to improve it.

For example, you offer your courses in 5 different languages, but might be receiving traffic from English-speaking visitors only. Additionally, if you’re depending on organic traffic, you might be getting very unqualified traffic. Sadly, Google Analytics will never tell you where most of your traffic is coming from. Paid traffic, when done well, helps guarantee a level of intent in your services which leads to better conversion rates.

If you can give me some insight about the above points it would be a pleasure for me to give you more specific pointers.

Once the traffic issue is addressed, you can start focusing on building a landing page with content that is tailored to your intended audience, all while respecting certain “conversion rules”. For example, if you’re traffic finds you by searching “Meditation techniques” you may not want to mention “Sexual continence”. @Ashwin_Satyanarayana and @Nicholas also mentioned the important of 1 call-to-action, no external links, and concise skimmable content.

Lastly, I notice your offer for a free tryout lesson. Why not make that your main call-to-action. You might not even have to mention pricing at all since it can lead to confusion. Remind people throughout your page that they can attend their first session free of charge.

Hope this helped!



Dears, amazing how much feedback is received here in this community so quickly, it’s the most alive and helpful forum I’ve experienced so far.

Yes you are right, just now I understand that we used the term landing page in a different way here in our newbie team. We call a landing page the pages on our website that are fulfilling the purpose of being the page where the visitors “land” when they search for certain terms, as the page I’ve posted is “our landing page for the online yoga classes”. This is a term we often use, apparently not fully correct, and I see now that a landing page in its true meaning is something else, more specific, exclusive, special, independent of a website.

I will still apply your helpful tipps on our semi-landing landing page and read myself into how to create real landing pages and then get back to you. Might take a while though since we are close to vacation.

So big thanks for the moment, glad I found you, see you soon again…


Welcome @Sofian,

@Jonathan and others have pointed out this page seems to be working as a multi-tasker. That is the point of a webpage, but not for a descrete landing page. I use the word discrete because that is what most people use unbounce for. We create LP’s for specific marketing campaigns that have a start and end date. Sometimes that end date is just the end of an a/b test, but there is an end.

But, by definition a landing page is any page that a user first lands on, so yes, you have a landing page that needs optimization!

You were asked for a few more bits of data and I would need those too in order to really help you. Is the main source of traffic organic, paid, social etc? What is the current conversion rate? What does that equal in sales?

Now, some basic feedback. I ran your page through a readability test. Looking at Unbounce’s conversion benchmark report the biggest place you could improve is the overall length of the page. “On average, pages with 750 words converted 30% fewer visitors than page with 500 words.” Your page has 1048 words.

I have practiced yoga so I have a little bit of insight into the mind of a user who is looking for yoga classes. This is just too much. I’m confused. It took me 3 readings of the page to figure out that this was a virtual program, not an in-person one.

It is an incredible concept, but I think you are lacking some clarity around the program… and an offer. The word free and subscribe are too close together. Is it free? or do I have to subscribe to take the class? Do I have to pay? If you cut down on even one of these questions that a potential user might ask I could see your conversion rates going up dramatically.

We are here to help! Let us know if there is anything else.