Needed Designers for High-Converting Unbounce Landers in Legal Niche!

I have a legal client in LA, criminal defense niche. Very competitive. I run PPC and can get top of impressions and high CTR.

What we need though is:

  1. Higher converting landers
  2. Higher quality scores
  3. GEO personalization code is installed
  4. Would like DKI set up and I’ll mirror the DKI in each PPC campaign
  5. We could look at 1-2 campaigns per month in total there’s about 9 areas of law all criminal defense.

I built out a page and there’s metrics to go off of but it took me a long time to do. So reaching out here.

What I can do is answer any questions then intro you to the client. Billing and whatnot could be done direct.

He’s a swell guy and we all know not everyone deserves a good defense but he wins his cases defending criminals namely those in need of proper representations and in need of being represented in the best light to recieve fair justice.

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Hi Akkysia,

We’d be interested in learning more. We only do PPC and landing pages for law firms. We could develop the landing pages for this campaign.

Please let us know if you’re interested in discussing further.

Cisco Adler

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Hi Akkysia,

This post caught my attention for 2 reasons. One you clearly know what you need and second i absolutely know that i can help your client here.

I have experience of working with legal clients and have done many landers and complete websites for them. However, what sets my services apart is the design quality that converts. Please review my portfolio at and review if it matches your expectations.

Nishant Sapra

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Hello Akkysia,
Hope you are doing welll!!

I’d Glad to assist you.
PM Sent with details, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W

Hi there!

We’d love to help :slight_smile:


Hi Cisco - Sending you a pm now and thanks.

Hi Eddie,
If you are still on the lookout for someone I would be interested as all that you are wanting done is well within my skill set.
Feel free to reach out to me on
Best Wishes and Have a great day ahead,