Need two landing pages/templates


We are hoping to get help to make 2 landing pages/templates for marketing purposes.
Both of the templates must be dynamic so we can make changes in text and pictures as much as we want to.

For a marketing event, for real estates in Spain.
On several Sundays, throughout the year we have marketing events at our office for people who are looking for vacation houses in Spain. We need a call to action button, where people can ask for reminders to them about the events, leave their information, and boxes where we can put pictures/text.

Marketing for a specific new development we are currently working with.
Need buttons where costumers can request more information, ask us to contact them, leave their information, etc.
Pictures and text.

Please contact me for more detailed information.



Hi Roy!

Our team has a lot of experience in events & real estate. Happy to send over some sample pages!