Need to regularly updated facts/figures that are used in multiple landing pages


I’m realizing that my ever-growing herd of landing pages each have facts/figures/info that needs to be regularly updated. I’m looking for a way to update those facts and figures once for all pages.


  • Have lightboxes that all point to content that comes from the same single source URL (probably outside unbounce as each of those would also count toward my monthly user limit, right?)

  • Other ideas?


Hi @Tom_Voller-Berdan,

The answer to your question is that it depends on the kind of information you need to present on your landing pages.

To be more exact, if you can pull this information through an API, you can write a script that would do it for you and load it up on page load.

Is the information you are looking to load in some kind of database?

Lightboxes is another alternative as you have suggested.



Thanks, Hristian,

For now, I think the lightbox that is set to fill with content from elsewhere (for now just using unbounce) is the way to go!