Need help hidding a vertical scrollbar in an HTML element


 I’d like to hide or remove an unnecessary scrollbar in an HTML element, but resizing didn’t work. Does anyone have a suggestion for a novice like me?


Hello Ann,

That is always frustrating.  I am surprised that resizing didn’t help.  Could you share the link to the landing page?  Sure someone will be able to provide some suggestions :slight_smile:

Best of luck,



Will a custom CSS to the HTML Block work? 



This might just do the trick, Kenji! Thanks for helping out. :) 


Hi Joe,

I’m having the same problem (almost 2 years later) and tried also to resize the box, and also put some CSS Codes. But didn’t work.

I’m also trying to put the background transparent. If u have any advice, help or suggestion, I will totally appreciate. Thank you in advance guys :slight_smile:

The HTML-Box ID is: #lp-code-1343
The CSS Codes I used:

  1. (without spaces)

< style type=“text/css” >
#lp-code-1343 {
< /style >

  1. (without the spaces)

< style type=“text/css” >
#lp-code-1343:-webkit-scrollbar {
display: none;
< /style >

The Landing Page URL is: