Need guidence on creating direct integration with unbounce


Hi Team,

We have integrated unbounce with our application using webhooks, instead we wanted our application to be a product partner with unbounce. we have submitted a form for being a product partner. we have got response from the unbounce team and they have provided the link to api and this link talks about getting details of landing pages.

But we would like to have a direct integration something similar to “HubSpot”( please let us know the procedure to be followed to make our application integrated with unbounce as a product partner.

Ramya Nuvvula


Hi Rayma,

[TLDR; The current API will only get you part of the way]

I had a quick look at what you’re trying to accomplish with this integration. As I understand it, there are two (possibly more, depending on how much of that process you want to be able to do on behalf of your user) manual steps that need to be done currently:

  1. Add Javascript to Script Manager
  2. Create the web hook integration

On the first one (Javascript), we don’t currently have any API endpoints that allow you to do that - so that would still be something your user would have to do manually.

On the second one (creating that web hook), we do have an endpoint that you can send a POST to to create web hooks on - it’s sort of in beta at the moment, which is why it’s not documented:

To create a web hook via API:

HTTP POST to /pages/:page_id/integrations

…with a payload that looks like:

  "type" : "webhook",
  "config" : {
                "url" : ""

So, for example - using cURL (w/basic auth):

curl -u <api-key>: -X POST<page-id>/integrations -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{ "type" : "webhook", "config" : { "url" : "" } }'

If the call is successful, you’ll get a 201 Created response , and the Location header will contain the URI of the newly created integration. For example:


You’ll want to hold onto that URI if you want to perform other operations on that resource.

The /pages/:page_id/integrations/:integration_id resource also supports:

  • GET
  • PUT

A GET on /pages/:page_id/integrations resource will list all the integrations for a given page.

Upcoming API changes - May 15 2018