Need custom drop down list - that can be edited


We have a list of about 50 retail outlets that is continually growing.

Previously we were selecting the retail outlet in a SurveyMonkey survey question - but that list cannot be re-ordered once the survey is live.

Unbounce does not support editable drop-down lists (ie - if we add an outlet that becomes the new #2 position, we have to delete the list and re-add the entire list again.)

We are a marketing agency - not a dev shop, so my ability to do any custom JS or create and embed an offsite form (like formstack) is limited.

Minimum - ability to edit a long list of outlets so that they can be maintained in either alphabetical or StoreID numerical order.

JV solution - list can be displayed with non-selelctable placeholders so that we could organize the outlets by state and then alpha or numerical

Varsity solution - offsite database that contains the outlet and then when outlet is selected, the appropriate class id list (child list) is populated into a secondary drop down (one outlet might have only 4 classes for the year while another might have 4 classes per month. Today we are just using a list that is as long as the longest outlet and most outlets are displaying a range of class numbers that is not appropriate for them.)

This is a live process and we need a solution fairly quickly.


Hi @Barry_Elk,

My agency has done a lot of custom development for Unbounce and we can get your “Varsity solution” coded.

Updating the dropdown list in the future would require updating a list of values in a JS file. Pretty straight forward and easy to do.

Feel free to email me directly at if you are still looking for help with this.