Naked domain not working with SSL



I have my naked domain setup so that it redirects to the root domain. All of that works just fine.

However, when I try to visit the naked domain using https:// it doesn’t work! Just times out.

Going to works as it should.

My questions is, how do I get the SSL naked domain to redirect to SSL root domain?



Hey Glenn!

Unfortunately https on naked domains is not supported at this time. Have a look at this thread.



One year later, is there a workaround yet?


I’ve had the same issue on different services, and although there are ways to solve it (spinning a server up on EC2/DigitalOcean and setting up a redirection), they are a bit tedious. That’s why I have decided to create a service to solve this: .

I think it serves your purpose very well, the whole service came out of a need exactly like your (redirect “https://” to “https://www”), as not all DNS providers support ALIAS/CNAME on naked domains…

I hope it helps you!