My lightbox is opening in a new tab/window on mobile - What am I doing wrong?


I am trying to setup my first lightbox landing page on Unbounce. I haven’t tried them before.

I was having this issue with both versions initially, where clicking the button opened a new window/tab in my browser when I clicked the button to activate.

I finally figured out that I need to add jQuery.Fancybox code to my page to get it to work. I don’t know why this doesn’t get added automatically when you create a lightbox, BTW.

At any rate, now it seems to acting fine on desktop but on a mobile device (tested iPhone and iPad) it is still opening a new window. Is this the way it is supposed to work or am I missing something somewhere?

I’d also like to note that the lightbox works as expected in the “preview” inside Unbounce… Again makes me think I’m just missing some JavaScript somewhere.


Is there a problem with it opening up in another page?


Hi, if you’re using the built in lightbox feature in Unbounce you won’t need to add the jQuery fancybox code to the page -…

Make sure the action is set to “Show a Lightbox” and not “go to URL in a lightbox” -

Depending on the device used the lightbox may appear to launch in a new window. Smaller screens (iPhone 5s for example) will show the lightbox content and everything else will be greyed out. This is because the lightbox is the same width as the content on the main page. However when the lightbox is closed, the screen will revert back to the main page. So you’re actually still in the same browser tab on your mobile device.

If you share a link to the page I can take a closer look for you. 

Hope this helps!