More than one custom domain?


Hey Theo - I’ve double checked and the reason you’re unable to add additional domains is because you’re on a Free account (not a full-featured 30 day trial of a paid plan). You can start a 30 day trial at… and can then add as many domains as you need.


Hey Ryan,

Oh great, thanks for your answer.

Remark : If a little tooltip or info thingy had told me this when I wanted to add another custom domain, instead of just showing me the pricing plans as is, I wouldn’t have bothered you with my question.



Hey Theo - that’s great feedback. Thanks!


Which is the price of an extra domain?


Which is the price of an extra domain?


Also, looking for the price (and how) to add custom domains.  does not show any way to add new/additional domains.


Hi Michael, 

If you want to add an extra domain:

  1. Open up the page you want to use with the new domain

  2. Click on “Change URL”

  3. From the drop down options select “Add a New Domain” 

  4. Follow the prompts 

As far as pricing goes, I believe it was $10 per month for each additional domain but might be wrong on that one. 

In any case, if you visit your Account panel, you’ll be able to see how many domains you have and how much it would cost. 


P.S. Attached is a screenshot of the above explanation


OK, found it - thanks.   The actual cost is $5 for a new custom domain (at least on Pro Plan as of Aug 26, 2016)


Ok the time has come! Very happy to announce that managing multiple custom domains has finally been released!!

If you log in and go to Account => Custom Domains, you’ll see a control panel for adding, changing and deleting custom domains so you won’t need to write in to for help anymore (although we’re always happy to help if you still need it :slight_smile:

We have also released some big changes to our subscription plans which includes double the traffic limits (unique visitors) for most plans. You can see the changes on our website, or here if you’re logged in to Unbounce. Depending on your current subscription plan, you may need to upgrade to add more custom domains.

Thanks everyone for your patience with this feature, and please don’t hesitate to give feedback if you have any! Adding custom domains has proven to be the most challenging piece for some users so we’re always trying to simplify the process.