Monetizing Landing Pages


Hey there Unbounce Community!

I have a few questions regarding monetization. I had spoken to a very talented and knowledgeable Unbounce rep, but I’m wondering if there’s some workarounds that you guys might be familiar with.

My goal is to monetize by running some ads on the landing pages. I was curious whether anyone is currently doing this on there landing pages with Unbounce, etc.

The Unbounce rep, Erin strongly recommended I source the Unbounce Community.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @dregina,

Your post is a bit vague. You’ll need to provide a bit more details on what you mean by “monetize landing pages”.

Generally speaking, landing pages can work great with paid traffic sources (Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc.).

  • What kind of landing pages do you want to build?
  • What would be the primary purpose of your landing page? (lead generation, ecommerce, etc.)
  • How would you measure success?

If you let us know a bit more of what you are trying to achieve, I’m sure the community can give you more insights.



Hi Hristian,

Essentially what I’m asking is it possible to run ads on the actual landing pages themselves. We’d like to, for lack of a better word, “beta” test our ability to monetize our content. Therefore, we’re wondering if we could place ads that we have built with our advertising partners and run them on the Unbounce landing pages, or if this is prohibited.

For instance, we’d like to use Unbounce to host some of our content to build our newsletter, generate revenue or really, test our revenue generation processes, and measure how many hits we might expect to our site. We measure our monetization by the number of hits to our site that have advertisement content on them (banners with our partners, video ads with our partners, etc.), number of sales from the ads, and the number of clicks through those ads. Does this make more sense? We’d like to simply know if we are able to advertise for our partners on your landing pages.