Mobile v. desktop views

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How do I see the amount of mobile v. desktop visitors in Unbounce on my pages?

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The best way to get this info is to install Google Analytics and see it in your audience breakdown.

Okay thanks for letting me know. Are there any instructions for setting up with Unbounce?

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Found an answer to my question, posting in case anyone else reading this is having the same issue:

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Google Analytics is the best tool for that.

The google answer is not all that great. Unbounce should seperate that data in the dashboard. In Adwords all you know if how many desktop and how many mobile visits to the whole group. It would be HUGE to have desktop and mobile conversion data per varient. Then you know a shit ton more about what changes would be next to try. I am a partner so I will ask my rep.

Thank you Cory, I agree that would be much more helpful and appreciate you forwarding it along to your contact!