Mobile page width issues


Hi Team, 

I’ve created a landing page which seems to work well on desktop and most mobile platforms however I seem to having issues whereby when previewing and testing the published page on a mobile with the width of 320, a scrolling bar appears at the bottom of the screen and creates a slight white gap on the entire right hand side of the screen. Is there any way that I can make the landing page fit perfectly on mobiles with a width of 320? I have tried checking the page properties however everything seems to be correct.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hi Eleanor, 

We would need to take a peek at the page itself to be sure. I’m going to open up a ticket and have my team reach out to you directly. Hang tight! 


I’m actually having this same exact problem. Also, it becomes very drastic when a lightbox is opened, it then resizes the entire mobile screen to be the width of about 1/3 of a column.


Hi @ActionPointAdv,

This might be due to an element that is positioned “outside” of the landing page.
Usually is something small like a horizontal line or some other element that got left outside.

My advise would be to go through your page elements and make sure everything is positioned where it’s supposed to be.

If that doesn’t help, reach out to the awesome folks at Unbounce support and I’m sure they’ll help you troubleshoot it.



This was all fixed, it was some code with a width that was wider than the page width causing the issue. Specifically, it was a letter I had copied from another site. So, if you’re having the same issue maybe check the source code of your text to make sure your width for that element is not larger than the page width.