META title & Desctiption not showing up the way I want to


I just made a landing page and I updated the title and description.

Anybody have an idea why it is showing up like this?

please check

This is the data I entered in the fields

the .: are two symbols I did not add at all…




Sometimes characters will appear when copy & paste is used. Can you not remove the characters you don’t want to see?


Im not completely sure what you mean, I guess its something to do with the formatting right? I will try to type in the meta data directly without copy paste.

Also maybe a way (if I did want to use copy / paste is to use sublime text) Does that remove the formatting?


Also just to add, the ① symbol I dont know how to make it without copy paste… I would like to add this in the meta title


Just to let you know I got it working now thanks!