Masking dynamic text in url


Trying to figure out how to mask my dynamic url peremeters? It really hurts my conversion because i can see some customers while on computer can change it and it does not look reliable. I saw some option with an iframe tag but i tried it and it didnt work. Any other way or some video or instructions that i can use?


Can you explain the problem a little more?

How are you so certain it’s hurting conversions?

Where in your funnel are you passing parameters from and to?

Would encrypting the key/value pair before appending, and then decrypting afterward do the trick?


So i manage advertising for a local garage door service. we using ppc with target geografic. for exsample a customer that looking for services is LOS ANGELES CA see ad that say “garage door repair los angeles” and the url is that will change some keyword on the website.

a few times customer booked appointments and then cancel because they were able to play around with the url and it does not good look for them.


So maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like you could have a simple
lookup table that cloaks all that from your user. Your url could be
something . Then inside your
page you could just do a table lookup for Campaign Code (cpg) 1271. In that
table you could have city name, tracking phone number and any other info
that’s parameterized.

The implementation of this, I’m sorry to say, is beyond me but would
certainly be some pretty simple Javascript or something.