Margins for landing pages

Hello all! Sample landing pages are displayed on the attached link. The width for all these samples seems to be a lot more than “guidelines” for my landing page.

I have used the maximum width, as per guidelines, for my landing page. Yet feedback is that there is empty space on the lhs and rhs for a desktop view.

Any thing I might be missing? Here is my landing page.


Hey @VivekAyer! I’m looking at your landing page and it doesn’t appear to me like there’s a lot of space on either side of your landing page. However, I’m looking at it on my laptop view (which is recommended for designing for desktop). Are you looking at it on a wider monitor perhaps?

If the content on the page is stretched further to either side, you run the risk of content being cut off in a smaller window.

It’s possible to drag the rulers on either side of your page while you’re editing, this will stretch the content out a bit.

Hope this helps!


Dear Jess, thank you. I changed the width to 960 px today. It gave me some extra space :slight_smile:


In google analytics, you can determine the screen size of the traffic you’re getting. I did that recently and changed my layouts to be optimized for 1920x1080.