Mailchimp integration - resubscribe through unbounce form doesn't change status



Wondering if anyone has a similar experience and could suggest a possible work around or better way to set this up in the scenario below…

I have a landing page that pushes subscribers to a Mailchimp list group. That sign up triggers an automated promotional email to be sent (containing a % off deal) once Unbounce pushes the user info in.

However, if a user clicks unsubscribe in that email and then later decides to revisit the landing page and sign up again using the same email nothing happens. By nothing I mean:
1 - the contact status remains as “unsubscribed”
2 - the user is not resent the deal email

I know, I know - silly people unsubscribing, but these offers are cheap/simple and also seasonal, so people unsubscribing and then wanting get the deal at a later date by the same means/email is actually kinda possible/likely.

I also know unsubscribes/resubscribes are tricky and mailchimp are a sticklers for consent but I would have at least thought part 1 would occur.

I understand for 2, that the idea of automation sequences is even if they get back to “subscribed” status (changing from being "unsubscribed) it’s unlikely Mailchimp can resend email 1 in the automated email sequence - I only have one email containing the offer so it’s kinda important and the only way to get them the deal.

Anyone understand the scenario I’m in and know if it’s possible to change the contacts status back from unsubscribed and also force the first/one automated email to be resent?

I hope I made sense - thanks in advance,


I think you might have better luck reaching out to MailChimp support - they have always been very helpful for me.

I’m not sure on the re-subscribe issue, that is definitely a question for MailChimp (there’s only a few ways a contact can be re-subscribed - but I agree, it’s annoying when people try to sign up again via an Unbounce form.)

You could consider embedded the native MailChimp sign up form into the Unbounce page to get around this and using external conversion tracking.

In regards to the trigger, you may be able to utilise the ‘Changed list field to value’ trigger – use a hidden field in the Unbounce form that is mapped to the field in MailChimp that you want to trigger.

Sorry, that’s possibly not that helpful, but I’d definitely suggest contacting MailChimp if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions and assistance Zoe! Yeah I think I might need go the route you mention with native form embed. I have corresponded with MC a little - will loop back over there and see if they have further insight. Cheers.