LP Feedback - Ecommerce area

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
Identify and then approach relevant Shopify store owners with the right, simply to understand message and clear CTA

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google Ads, Shopify Ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
See that we’re able to attract relevant Shopify sellers who will then join our platform and start exporting products

4: Paste a link to your published landing page / popup: :point_down:

I think there is value in what you are offering and with some adjustments to the page, you will be able to better convey that value.

Let’s start with the hero section. The headline clearly states what people can do with your solution, but it doesn’t say why they should want to. Speak to the benefits, especially the ones tied to emotional hot buttons.

I don’t recommend using more than one call-to-action as it can add friction and doubt. Which should the visitor do? What happens if they choose wrong? Afterward they may wonder if the other choice was better. If you need to have both, I would at least give a visual hierarchy to it so that you have one main call to action and the other is clearly secondary.

I’m not sure the image choice works well with the messaging. Perhaps it’s just my personal taste, but to me it doesn’t convey unique brands or sales. I would explore some other options. You may even want to consider something more conceptual like illustrations or other design elements.

Speaking of the design, you might want to adjust it to lead people into the sections below. On my laptop, other than the scroll bar, I wouldn’t even realize there is more to the page.

It wasn’t clear from the rest of your page who your target audience is for this. Some of the wording makes it seem like this is for people who don’t yet have a store, but other parts make it seem like the people already have Shopify stores. I would make separate pages for each so you can customize your messaging to speak to the specific needs and motivations of each.

The numbered instructions make it sound like a lot of work. I’m sure it’s easier than it sounds all written out, but this does add needless friction. Just focus on getting people to the next step and make it as easy as possible.

Best of luck.

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Thanks Sean, that’s extremely insightful and helpful!

My pleasure. Glad you found it helpful.