Looking for a new and effective design software for upcoming projects

Hello guys,
Looking for a improved graphic design software for my upcoming projects. So can you please suggest me some good softwares as per your expertise and performance criteria so that its easy for me to choose between them.

Thanks in advance.

Give your best recommendation :point_down::point_down:

I love Canva. It’s simple, free (although you have more resources with the upgraded level), and has tons of templates, effects, and capabilities. Give it a try at www.canva.com.

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Hi there!

Have a look at something like Adobe XD - very light and nimble for prototyping.

Alternatively, I would consider something like Adobe Spark which is perfect for creating content on the fly.

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@Hristian are you still using Sketch? I recall it was a good option for you a while back, if my memory serves me.

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You are right @Jess… we are using Sketch a lot these days.

Also, a couple of weeks back we tried Figma when a client provided us with the design in it. I was impressed. Pretty easy to transfer a landing page design to Unbounce from Figma.

Stefano gave another well known app - Adobe XD.

When we started designing landing pages back in the day, we used to do it in Photoshop.

At the end of the day, they are all great tools and it really comes down to what your designer is familiar with and comfortable using.


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