Looking for a custom code for removing Pop up close button



Has somebody tried removing the close button over Pop up?

I want to use it for a gated content, like a normal lead gen stuff, but as an overlay to the page from the start of page upload.



Hi Dinesh,

Can you explain your use case a bit more? Curious if you’ve considered just creating a normal page with a form, that redirects to your gated content page upon submission? Is there a reason you want to do it as a popup instead?


Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for getting on it.

I thought in a way that the report is opened in the background, but in order to access it (one cannot scroll it up and down, due to the pop up), you need to fill in compulsory form, like we do with any regular lead gen stuff.

Its just making the preposition a little more attractive.


Hey guys!

I was wondering if you found a solution to achieve what you wanted to… I have “similar” situation at the moment : we’d like to display a popup for visitors from European countries to our US and Australian websites : the idea is to invite them to visit the European versions of the website (GDPR stuff…).

But here’s the trick, i’d like to prevent people seeing that (finely targeted) popup from being able to close it… Is it at all possible?



Hi @dineshpal :slightly_smiling_face:

I was looking for a solution to this myself the other day. Another scenario where this is very useful is if you want to add a stickybar as navigation to a page.

Anyways - here is the code you need to insert on the popup AND the page(s) where you are running it.

  .ub-emb-bar .ub-emb-close {
    display: none !important;

Hope this helps :nerd_face:


hmm i just tried adding this to the stylesheet of the page and to the stylesheet on the popup and the X button still appears. however I this is not a sticky bar it is a popup so maybe the .ub-emb-bar needs to be changed for a popup. I got it to work by placing the code below within style tag on the stylesheet of the page and on the popup. Thank you for the guidance!

.ub-emb-iframe-wrapper .ub-emb-close {
display: none !important;


I tried this script and its not working. I put in the stylesheet of the popup and the page as instructed and that didnt work.


Hi there gowons!, If you have a link to your page I can help you debug this issue with your page.