Limit number of votes by a survey


Hello together,

we’re creating just a little landinpage for one of our clients they want to make a little survey:

The problem is that you can vote more than once, but also our client doesn’t want to make a form where people they take part have to fill in their mail or anything else.

Because of the new GDPR for Europe we can’t save voters IPs and filter them in a list after downloading the CSV of leads.

We also created a sticky bar where they have to accept the cookies only once.

Is there any way to limit the number of participation? So people can only vote once?

Hope you all can help us cause at the moment we don’t get any solutions for this. Thank you very much by now! Greetings :smiley:


Hi @Michael_Bauer,

Interesting use case but unfortunately without recording an email/IP you are left without too many options.

You can try setting a cookie that would prevent multiple submissions BUT if they switch browsers/devices or simply open the page in incognito mode, the visitors would still be able to vote multiple times.

Similarly, you can use localStorage to prevent multiple submissions but again you would run into the same limitations - different browsers/devices would still be able to submit.



Hey @Hristian ,

thank you for the fast answer - I knew it would become difficult. :wink:

We will tell the different ways to our client and maybe he wants a form after this.



Hey @Hristian

I’ve got another question, maybe you can help me again:

Is it possible to set a time limit for having a page published?
So we can say the page should be unpublished at certain time?



Hi @Michael_Bauer,

At the moment, you can set a future date/time for a page to be published. More info here.

However, you can’t set a future date/time for a page to get automatically unpublished.