Landing Page Variant Name in Email Notifications

I think passing the landing page variant (not the letter like now) via email notifications would be a great feature. Especially for people like me, who setup campaigns for customers and they mostly can’t really work with the letters only. Passing the name is crucial I think if you split test different ideas against each other within the same landing page.


Variant A - Get a free consultation
Variant B - Download our free report

Now the email notifications sent to customers where the lead happened only shows it like that:

Variant: A

This makes it hard for an internal department to know if they have to follow up with the lead asap or not. Instead of passing the letter it would be way more valueable if the name, in my example:

Variant: Get a free consultation

would be passed so the department know they have to catch up asap with the subscriber…

Hey Manuel - that’s great feedback. For now, it’s not planned for implementation but when we look at improvements, we’ll keep it in mind.

For now, you can still do what you need by using hidden form fields.

Add a hidden field called “Variant” then prefill it with the name of the variant or any specific details you want your department to see. That way, the data will always be associated with that lead and you’ll receive it in the email notification.

Here’s what I mean:

Hope that helps you get more actionable details over to your your department.

Hey Ryan,

thanks for your time. This looks like a great workaround Ryan but will this hidden field be added to the unbounce email notification? Or can I add via custom tag aka {{variant}} to my email template?

Hey Manuel - glad to hear this will work for you. The hidden fields will indeed be added to your email notifications and with most 3rd party integrations, you can even map this field over (so you could, for example, segment in MailChimp or Salesforce).

Not using the MailChimp notifications though. So do I have to add the field manually in my unbounce email template or will it be added automatically?

The hidden field will automatically be added to the emails; no need to change the template.

That’s great news, thanks a lot Ryan :slight_smile: