Landing page not converting


Howdy Folks,

I’d greatly appreciate any feedback about this landing page.
I am sending targeted traffic to it via FB and AdWords.

Sadly its not converting much at all… (sadface)

Thank so much.



Hi Gus,

There many factors that could be stopping the conversions, however If you are available to follow certain standars and best-practices, the conversions will come


Hey Gus! Welcome!

This page definitely has a ton of potential already. Have you tried running any A/B tests?

Excuse my shameless self promotion, but we’ve got some great documentation here about how A/B testing can boost your conversions.

Hope that helps a bit :relaxed:


Hey Gus,

Happy to help! Here’s some constructive feedback:

  1. Headline. I think the biggest issue is the headline. It’s not telling me what I’ll get. It’s talking about a feature (a free chat), but I don’t want a free chat, I want results. I want success. Maybe change this to something more benefits-driven, such as “Get Your Pregnancy Questions Answered for Free.”

  2. The term IVF is confusing. Unless you’re targeting people in the medical community, most people will not know what this means. Use simpler language and avoid medical acronyms.

  3. The hero shot is not relevant to the offer. And the mother and child are looking and pointing up, away from the form and away from the page. You want to use a photo of a pregnant woman or maybe a nurse talking to a woman. Something they can relate to. Show the conversation taking place. And don’t have them pointing or looking away from the form. People naturally follow lines of sight. So the pointing/looking upward is drawing people away from your headline and form.

  4. Remove your logo from the form box and place it elsewhere in the header. You want your form to stand on it’s own, so you want to use the area above the form (where the logo currently is) to remind visitors of what they get when they opt-in. Think of it as a supporting headline. But with your logo there, it’s distracting.

  5. Change or remove the “comments” field. The simpler you can make the form, the better. If you must have a section to allow for open-ended responses, at least ask a more direct question, like “Do you have any specific questions for our fertility nurses?” And make sure people know it is optional. People are lazy. They don’t want to type more than they have to. When I tested the form, I see it is required. This is not ideal. Make it optional. :slight_smile:

  6. In the header, you have a link to the main site that says “Learn more at our website.” This is unnecessary. It is only going to pull people away from this page. I’d consider it a landing page “leak.” You want to reduce all external links and direct everyone to your on-page call-to-action (the form). That alone could kill your conversion rates. So, replace that link with call-to-action to fill out the form.

  7. In the below-the-fold section, there is a lot of text, and very little imagery. Add some more images here, and reduce the text. Make it more skimmable. People don’t want to read paragraphs. If you have a compelling video, embed it here.

  8. Add trust logos and testimonials to the page. These two elements (trust logos and testimonials) are very important components of most landing pages. Trust logos show people that you’ve been around, and know what you’re talking about. It builds authority. And testimonials show people “what’s in it for me,” since they can relate to the people in the testimonial.

  9. In the footer, remove the social media links, and the links to the homepage, and glossary. Again, these are “leaks” that take people off of the page. And maybe add another call-to-action button above the footer, reminding them why they should opt-in and directing them back to the top where the form is.

There’s more I could get to, but these are the first things that come to mind when reviewing the page. Overall, it’s not a bad start, and I think with a little work, you can get those conversions up! Let me know if you have any questions about anything mentioned. :slight_smile:


@Nicholas coming through with some of the most jaw-dropping LP feedback once again. Fantastic answers, my friend! :ub_expert: