Landing Page Feedback For Catering

Getting reasonably good conversions from this landing page but of course always room for improvement,

Feedback appreciated

Hey @Alisa_Blair welcome to the Unbounce Community :smiley:

My top suggestion is to focus one :one: single call-to-action. At least put this single CTA focus above the fold on both desktop and mobile. If you are getting a lot of mobile traffic, you should take it seriously because right now there are FIVE different things I can do when landing. Which one is the most important, call, email, menu, fill out the form, or chat?

  • You could simply make the call and email options smaller in the header. A template to reference the idea… Making the header smaller will also allow room for the headline and focus on your CTA.

  • That headline tho… The “chat to us” is redundant and can be misleading. It’s beside a form, and can confuse a user to fill out the form to “begin the chat” rather than selecting the chat plugin. Plus, that chat plugin already does the job of announcing itself. No need to add a line of text.

  • I would like to see the headline change a bit:
    Any Event, Any Size.
    Creative Catering by Professional Chefs
    Affordable & Delicious Menus Delivering All Over Melbourne

What I LOVE, is that you require a form in the lightbox to get the menu. Genius! I bet that is where most of your conversions come from. Design suggestion… use a transparent-white color overlay for that background image in the lightbox. It will be much easier to read the form.

Happy Unbounce-ing!

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