Landing page blocked by corporate VPN


I created a landing page for a client project. I’m linking a number of landing pages together to create a microsite. The issue we’re having is the links on the landing page are being blocked by corporate networks and flagged as potential phishing site. I’ve run phishing and malware verification and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the landing page or domain. The only thing I can think is the links on the landing page are linking to the same domain so is that what’s triggering the phishing filter? Any ideas?

Site is:

@Chris_Jowsey -

Best guess is that it’s the link syntax: It’s linking to itself with the Unbounce clkn wrapper – sure to look unusual to a filter.

Any reason you can’t consolidate the SDI material to a single page (with smooth scroll anchors), and use a separate domain for storage?


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Hi @Adam_Smartschan Thanks for your response. I’m reluctant to make any significant changes to the pages now the campaign is live. If it’s related to link syntax, would one option to use different subdomains for those links instead of same domain i.e.
Current URL =
Change to =

I spoke to my domain provider and they suggested updating the A record to ensure the naked domain goes to unbounce IP address. I’ve done that as well to see if that helps.

I like the subdomain option, at least to try. Right now it’s really odd how it’s showing. Definitely worth a try!

@Adam_Smartschan - When you say it’s odd, how should this link look when created by the button property?
Here is how it looks setup in unbounce. Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 5.38.16 am

More that it “looks” like it’s going to itself. Looking at what might be throwing a flag.