Issues with Screen Recorders & Heat Maps with iOS14

I’m currently using to create site recordings and heat maps for my unbounce pages. Unbounce + luckyorange was a great combo for me to optimize my pages.

I recently launched a new campaign and have been testing with FB ads + unbounce + luckyorange.

Sadly, I’ve noticed far fewer recordings/heatmaps than before. Prior to January (last time I monitored & tested) I typically had a 1 to 1 view to recording rate. It was probably close to 9.5/10 visits to recordings.

Has anyone noticed similar issues? Is there a feature in unbounce that would allow me to get this same data w/out having to use a third-party tool? I feel like the cross-site data sending is what’s luckyorange from doing it’s job. It’s my understanding with the new data privacy apple has enabled, cross-site data usage is blocked or more restricted.

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Hi there!

Have you reached out to Lucky Orange? We use Hotjar and haven’t had any issues with recordings at this time (pre and post iOS14.5).

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Thanks for the info.

I installed hotjar last night. Overnight I had ~15 more visits and only got 2 recordings. LuckyOrange picked up the same number.

I like to use the heatmaps to better understand what content resonates. Thoughts on other options for this? Maybe there is an unbounce feature I’m unaware of that would help?

Unbounce does not have a heatmap feature built-in (although this sounds like a great idea).

How much traffic is your landing page receiving?

Just started running ads to the page Tuesday. Seeing about ~45-50 views a day.

and I should note. I’m not 100% certain this is ios14 issue. Just an assumption