Issue with sending Unbounce form answers to Marketo



I’m having a problem sending user answers on a form on an Unbounce landing page to Marketo. As far as I know for dropdown types, Unbounce will send the entire answer as a string to Marketo, e.g. if the dropdown selection is “1. Completely disagree”, it will send that entire choice as a string. However Marketo only accepts integers as responses to a dropdown. Is there any way to make the value Unbounce sends different from the actual text? For example send “1” only if the choice selected is “1. Completely disagree”.




Have you tried including a hidden field that gets populated with the “short answer” and only passing that field instead of the actual dropdown?



Not sure how you can best do this within Unbounce directly, but it probably would be possible to set up using Zapier if you don’t mind using a 3rd party tool between Unbounce and Marketo. They have filters/conditional logic.


+1 Zapier! :+1: It usually gets the job done.