Is it possible to include conversion tracking code (pixels) from both google adwords & facebook ad manager on same page?


I’m trying to track ad effectiveness (which ads drive best email lead generation) and I am running ads on both FB and Google.

I am not sophisticated enough to do all the Google analytics and various landing pages - yet. I have generated the code for both Google and FB - I just don’t know if it will work to track them both on the same page.



Hi James, 

First off, I’m very happy to hear that you’re looking to track multiple different sources for conversions and effectiveness. Good hustle so far!

To answer your question, both of your scripts  should work just fine on the same page. Basically, if someone clicks from a Facebook ad and has never clicked his Google ad, it should only trigger the Facebook conversion pixel.

What’s great about this setup is that it gives you the freedom to track individual campaigns on different platforms, while at the same time collecting all of your lead data in one place. If you want to take this a step further and see _which traffic source your leads came from in the lead data, you can simply add a URL parameter to your links and track it with a hidden form field

I’m sure there are even more creative ways to track separate campaigns in Unbounce. If anyone in the community wants to share their approach, please feel free. :slight_smile:


Thanks a ton!


No problem, James!


Justin - one more question. The “conversion page” is just a pop up after the user submits email and clicks the submission button. Is it ok to add the scripts to that panel, or should I add them on the underlying main page? If it helps, the URL is

Thanks again for your help!


Hi James!

You’re going to want to put the tracking pixel on the ‘conversion page’, aka the form confirmation dialogue. That way it won’t fire off as a conversion unless someone lands on the page and signs up for your service.

I hope this makes sense, James!


Got it. That’s where I added it. Thanks a ton!


Hi Justin and James…

I know this was a couple years ago in a dialogue, but I’m looking to do the same thing. Have a form that gets filled and after submit, just a small “Thank You” dialogue box pops up. Instead of turning the Thank You pop up into it’s own page, could you share a screenshot on where I would enter the conversion? We are trying to compare two events, those who get to the landing page, and then those who actually complete the form and get to the Thank You pop up dialogue box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @Amol_Sharma - You’ll want to enter your scripts in the “Form Confirmation Dialog” section. Let me know if you need a hand?


That seems like the right approach.