Is an eCommerce using only Unbounce possible?

Hi there fellow Unbouncians,

I have an idea and wanted to hear some opinions on it. I was thinking to build a 10-20 products eCommerce using only Unbounce. Do you think it would be possible? If not, why not?

I’m looking to get all possible opinions from you guys, don’t be afraid :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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FWIW, you wouldn’t be able to do it entirely in Unbounce. eComm gets pretty complex, and out-of-the-box solutions are your friend. (Noting you don’t already know :slight_smile:.) You’d still need a payment gateway, order management, etc., and cobbling that together would suck. The Shopifys of the world are built for that – turnkey.

Now, Unbounce can be a tremendous front end for eCommerce, particularly on the CRO side. I’d much rather point my ads to an Unbounce landing page with Smart Traffic turned on than a basic Shopify page. But I wouldn’t build an entire store there, even if you could. Wouldn’t be expandable in any way.


Stripe and ECWID can do it. I did it using these two platforms and Unbounce and it works great. I cannot stand Shopify. What you think costs you $50 per month can end up costing you $1500 per month with how they constantly want to nickel and dime you to death for everything.

My page is here

Just my 2 cents but another simple option would be Unbounce + Gumtree. The Gumtree product handles simple ecommerce (orders, checkout, payments) really well, especially for basic download/access style products.

With Unbounce as your landing page I think it would work a treat!

Hi, this looks great!
Could I ask what the checkout is you’re using?
I was surprised to see, after you click buy now that the pop up looks great and loads quickly.
Thanks, Lee, fellow unbouncer!

I personally use an Unbounce landing page + smart traffic > then shopify product page (debutify is a great theme).

It is ECWID embedded vis custom HTML. Very simple and ECWID support is awesome.

Amazing solution, thanks @clnorris75

Thanks, sadly they’re api does not sync with my fulfilement house. :frowning: