Internet provider landing page looking to increase qualified leads

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
We are wanting to increase the number of qualified leads that come through this page. We are an Internet company that specializes in rural areas, where Internet companies like Comcast or AT&T are not available. Our Facebook and Google ads are geographically targeted for rural areas, but of course, it’s not foolproof and we tend to get quite a bit of unqualified leads.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Facebook ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
Currently sitting at 12%, but would like to get closer to 15%.

4: Paste a link to your published landing page / popup: :point_down:

Page looks smart to be fair and I’m clutching at straws here…

  1. I’d try introducing a bit of FOMO by adding a countdown to the ECHOONUS offer.
  2. You could also add one of those e-commerce style popups that says ‘Mr Smith, {location/zip} just got his ECHO’
  3. Make it AMP if it’s nots already (didn’t check)
    Good luck

Taylor I agree with Luke on this one, it’s difficult to come up with creative ways to improve on this page. It’s so slick.

I love this recommendation:

Also, based on our findings on the Conversion Benchmark Report, 12% is a very good CR and 15% would be :fire:

My only feedback is based off some comments I’ve seen in the community before around having authentic reviews that are pulled directly from Facebook. @julien_level has mentioned that he’ll include reviews that even have spelling mistakes. There’s a thread about that here:

Some food for thought, but as I said this page is already :ok_hand: keep up the good work!


Hey there.

The visuals are nicely done for the LP but I can see some improvement.

First I would place the form higher in the LP. Just below the 5 main advantages in mobile mode and on the right of the hero shot on desktop. “Get a quote” button that redirect to the end of the page are not a favorite of mine.
Also “get a quote” is a bit generic, you should try to adapt the button in context ex : “play your games with no lag now !” If the text around is about video games.

Secondly I would go to a multi step form in which the first question is « which connection are you currently using?” Because it’s more engaging than asking their first name.

You could also change the incentive and say “are you eligible ? I find it really engaging to know if we are in the right zone.

The testimonials really lacks human faces.

Is the installation free ? If yes, you should say it.

On you main website you talk about speed being guaranteed which is what people really want I guess. Maybe you could modify your main tag line by “guaranteed rural internet in the valley”.

Hope this can help a bit :sweat_smile:


The image associated with the title: Expertly installed by trained technicians: This looks like a commercial installation vs residential. I’m not sure if that is your target audience.

I think a total of 4 or 6 testimonials is better than 2. And, I would put a stars image and copy such as "4.9 stars - 99 Google Reviews.