Integration of Webhook with Dynamics CRM On Premise


Hello to all,
We are trying to integrate the Unbounce Webhook with Dynamics CRM On-Premise. Has anyone done a similar integration? Is anyone available to develop it for us or support us on any way for the development?

Looking forward to any suggestion or idea.

Kind Regards,


Hi there!

Happy to help - a few of our customers are on Dynamics.

Have you tried Zapier?


Hey Stefano,
Zapier doesn’t work with Dynamics CRM On Premise.

More on that here:


Hi Ermal,

Over the years my agency has developed quite a lot of webhooks for clients to help them move data from Unbounce to their choice of a 3rd party system.

We haven’t done one for Dynamics on premise yet but we do have a ASP.NET developer on call for other projects.

Feel free to DM me a bit more details about your particular setup and timeline for getting this implemented.