Infusionsoft Referral Cookie



I have a client and they are using Infusionsoft. I have used the integration as shown in the help videos within Unbounce. But they are maintaining that the referral cookie is being removed by Unbounce.

I am a little out of my depth here but have added the tags that they set up at their end with the integration, I have also set a Leadsource (another issue they had, but I was able to fix that). But this is the one that they say has happened before and are not keen on moving forward unless I switch to another platform, or find a fix for the issue.

Here is the clients quote -

Currently, the infusionsoft referral cookie is not sticking to the contact. We experienced this issue before in unbounce, and I am concerned that there will not be a fix for this as what we were able to determine in the past was that the unbounce system itself strips the referral cookie from the contact.

Can anyone help me please?