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We are running paid ads to our landing page which contains a 2-step form. Completion of the form gives a person access to preview one of our courses for free. They can access the course directly after filling out the 2nd step of the form from the thank you page or via and email sent out afterward. We would prefer them to access it from the thank you page so it’s fresh in their minds.

We have tested different copy for our form headline and button and would like to get feedback on additional messaging to test on our form.

Step 1:
Step 2:


Hey bacbey, you mentioned you wanted feedback on the form, but I would start at the headline.

Right now, it reads:

Supervisor Training for Organizations

With the subhead:

Short courses teach practical how-to skills.

The headline doesn’t communicate any benefits to the reader. There are probably hundreds of other companies offering leadership training for organizations, so just mentioning what you do isn’t enough to stand out.

So ask yourself: What is the ideal end result of your training? What’s the actual reason someone would want to find out more about this service?

You’ve got the answer in your copy already, towards the bottom of the page:

  • Increased Productivity & Profits
  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Decreased Conflict
  • Improved Communication

So you could bundle that up into something like:

Increase Productivity, Profits, and Employee Satisfaction

And use that as your headline. Now the benefits are front and center, instead of just having a description of the service.

Okay, now for the subhead:

Short courses teach practical how-to skills.

Again, think about the end result… and think big. Is the goal to have supervisors with better how-to skills? No, the goal is effective leaders who can unite teams and drive performance.

So maybe something along the lines of:

Our in-house training turns managers and supervisors into inspiring, effective leaders

Okay, now for the form.

Right now it reads:

See a Course Now:

Instant access to course videos, support materials, discussion guides, follow-up tools, and action plans.

“See” isn’t very compelling, I would change that to preview, which feels more active and involved.

Also, I would mention the name of the course they’re getting to preview. “Course videos” makes me wonder, “which course? All of them? Some of them?”

So maybe try:

Preview a Course Now

Get instant access to our {example} course.

Sample course videos, discussion guides, action plans, and more.

And since there’s another step, I would test button copy like this:

[Continue >>]

And underneath (not inside the button), include an anxiety-reducer that says:

Next: Tell us where to send it

Hope that’s helpful.


This is awesome feedback Brad. We’re definitely going to test out your recommendations. Thank you!


Great, glad to help!