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1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Increase conversion rate - completed form

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Facebook conversion ads

3: What is your conversion goal?

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Hi Bronwyn

I’d like to see your Facebook ads to be able to provide better commentary. I’d be looking for continuity between the advert and what people see when they land on your page, including colours, images, branding, language, message. I’ve learned that if there’s any kind of disconnect there people will tend to just click away very quickly.

I also wonder if you’re able to refine your video and about section to be more oriented to the conversations already going on in the heads of your target market. While it’s great to tell your story and present your success, people are of course far more interested in themselves.

Also with the video, it seems that a bunch of recommended videos come up at the end. I think it’s possible to switch that off in the code so that it goes back to the start instead of showing other people’s videos that might take people away from your offer.

My final thought is that the form could be more inviting. “Free Information” is probably not very compelling and these days people have to be sold even on “free” because of their time investment and the fact they’re handing over personal contact info. A more emotionally-compelling headline with a few short bullet points might be enough.

I hope this helps somewhat. Your lifestyle sounds awesome!


Hi Christine,

Thanks for responding so quickly and with great constructive advice. Do you think I should also shorten the video to about 1 minute rather than 3?

I think you can access the ad here


Hi Christine,

I tried to send you an email but it bounced back as I am only allowed to send one image in an email?! Hopefully it can come to you through Unbounce support…

Bronwyn Lund

DreamLife Entrepreneur

00 45 41 77 21 65


Hey Bronwyn,

Great page you got started there. That’s great advice with what Christine said about your Facebook ads and them being exactly what the lead expects from what they’ve read or got out of with your ad to your landing page. I couldn’t get to your FB ad.

Yes, you should test having a video that is shorter as attention spans are short, but that does depend on your message and what your visitors want to hear. Make a variation in Unbounce with two different videos. Youtube recently changed the way you can show related videos and there use to be a code you could use at the end of your YouTube embed code to shut those off. That no longer works and I believe what is shown are thumbnails from videos from the same channel. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, is it necessary to get all of that information on your form? If not, try shortening your form to name and email, both required. Test out the form with 4 fields compared to the form with 2 fields. Less questions a landing page visitor is presented with typically the response is higher.

I would also test having an other external links that goes to different pages. Especially going away from your landing page. Have the visitor get only one objective to do and that’s to fill out your form.

Best of luck!


Hi Bronwyn, we’re on different time zones so I may be slow getting back :slight_smile:

You might like to try questions like “Do you have skills that could easily translate to working from home? (Especially if you had step-by-step guidance?)”

You could basically repeat that on the landing page, and then your offer could be more like “Take the test and receive our step-by-step guide”. I think you’d get more opt-ins that way.

And yes, a shorter video, but with the focus on the viewer, finishing by saying basically “I did it, and I wonder if you can too. There’s only one way to find out, take the test and download the free guide, and let’s see where it takes you.”

Oh, just remembered. On your landing page, the video seems to melt into the background. Is there a way you could add a light-coloured border to make it stand out?

Good luck!


Thanks Christine and Allen for your fantastic advice and sharing. I’ll implement the suggestions and then let you know how the conversion rate goes!


You’re very welcome Bronwyn - look forward to seeing the next iteration :slight_smile: