Implementing multiple Google Analytics trackers with script manager



I’m trying to track visits to some of my pages via the Script Manager in Unbounce with two different Google Analytics accounts. However I’m running into issues as described here:

Based on this info from Google, it looks like I’ll need to change one of the scripts. Do you have any suggestions for the best way to implement the two trackers? I love the simplicity of adding the Google Analytics tracking number into Script Manager, but looks like I can’t do that for two different accounts.

What do you think the next best solution to make this work, but while still capturing all of the additional info that your Google Analytics installations track, such as Button Clicks, Text Link Clicks, Form Submissions, Variant Tracking, etc? I can try to install the second tracking code via Google Tag Manager, but not sure what changes I may need to make.


I’m running into the same issue.


Hi @nick.hassell,

Introducing two GA properties on the same page can really mess up your data and reporting.

Although not impossible, I would strongly advise against it.

What’s the use case here and can’t you maybe find a solution using different views for the same property?

If you do decide to use 2 different properties, it would have to be done by an expert and you can’t use the built in scripts. You would have to manually insert the necessary scripts.



Hi @Hristian,

The use case was for sending hits to multiple GA accounts, not two properties within the same account.

Anyway, I figured out a work around. Thanks!