Images not displaying and lightbox opening in a new tab | on mobile Safari (iOS 13.3.1) and Chrome mobile - solved

Hi folks,
for a freshly published landing page, when visited on a mobile safari, no pictures are displayed (only a background image).
Only refreshing a couple of times (at least two) can solve the issue.

Anyone else? Any hints?
Chrome mobile works just fine

Thanks for any help!

ps: here is the landing page

Hey @vneri,

You have a lot of custom scripts on that page including but not limited to the cookie consent.

I would comment out/remove all these external scripts and start adding them one-by-one until you find the culprit.

My guess is that the cookie consent is blocking the images for some reason until you give consent.


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Thank you so much Hristian!

I quickly tried out deactivating JavaScript on my mobile safari, and it didn’t change.
I’ll try to switch off everything.
In the meanwhile I could find out, that in some cases, the same behaviour can be seen on Chrome mobile. So it is not a Safari problem itself. I’ll update the title.
Otherwise: Any other ideas?

I meant for you to remove all external scripts from the page and republish it.

Check to see if the issue persists and if the images load fine, start adding the scripts one by one, republishing and so on, until you find which script(s) causes the issue.

Hi Hristian, I’ve just switched off every script - it still has the issue in Safari mobile
Now it doesn’t even load the pictures after several re-loadings…

Additional problem: The lightbox loads in a new page, and is not optimized for mobile.
Maybe the two issues are connected?

Thanks for any hint!

ps: I will have to switch on the scripts, as we have to have the consent manager on other LPs- but the test has shown that the cause are not the scripts

Hi @vneri,

You should copy the page over to a random path, make sure it’s not indexable and work on it that way. Avoid working on pages that are live and might be getting traffic.

Keeping the above in mind, I still think it’s a script conflicting with the page. Reach out to Unbounce support directly since they are the only ones that can go into your account and take a look.


Hi Hristian,
thanks -some scripts are global and affect several other LPs (that’s why I could not keep them switched off too long).
I’ll head over to support and see if they have an hint.
We will also debug on our side…
take care

You can always publish to, which every account has access to. It’s a quick, easy way to remove global scripts.

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Ok, first of all: great support by Hristian and Mark (from the Unbounce support).

I digged into this, and the problem generated from how I had integrated our cookie consent manager. I had the code twice (once as external script, and once as inline code). This apparently blocks loading stuff from CloudFront, where the images are hosted (or it blocks internal Unbounce scripts from copying the right URI into the image src).

The solution was to throw out the external script.

The path to the solution (as I’ve learned from Hristian and Mark):

  • create a new blank page under the domain
    -> so you won’t inherit any domain wide scripts
  • move the page variant, after duplicating it (if it is the only one it will be copied) with destination "new page under
  • add every global script you have manually to the page, and test it one by one

Thank you


Thanks so much for sharing the end results here, Valerio! I’m glad you were able to get the support you needed (and kudos to @Hristian and @mark.sullivan for their stellar support) :muscle:


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