Ideal design of a confirmation page?


I’m in the process of converting my webinar landing pages into presentation download pages. There are recording of the webinar and pdf’s of the powerpoint presentation. What’s the ideal way to deliver these items to visitors once a visitor has submitted the form?

I’ve tried to create two boxes on the confirmation page for the recording and the presentation and it looks messy.

Any Ideas?



Hi Natahlie,

Usually, I would just embed the webinar recording on the page, and then below it you could put a button that says “PDF Notes” or “Slides” and just link out to the file. For hosting the slides or PDF files, I’d recommend using something like Amazon Web Services S3, which is an online storage platform where you can upload files very easily.

Feel free to share your current page and we can provide some more specific feedback! Good luck.


Thanks Nicholas,
This is helpful. The current page is the webinar registration page.

This only goes to subscribers on our list clients and non clients. I’d like to convert this into a presentation page that would replace this pageL

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hi Nathalie,

You could also consider sending the converter to a thank you page instead of using the form confirmation dialogue.

This will give you additional real-estate to lay out your content.

If you need any help/advice feel free to reach out!