HTTPS:// only with paid subscription?


Hi all, I had a quick question about SSL. I have a free trial going and have been loving this so far and want to get the basic $100 monthly version afterwards but I had a question first. Does this only support HTTPS in the paid trial? Yesterday I upgraded my site to a secured site but I cannot change the URL in unbounce to HTTPS only HTTP shows. The site sometimes shows up and sometimes it doesn’t resulting in a 404 error. I had to stop ads running. It’s odd to me that its a hit or miss if it works or not. Sorry if this a noob question I am VERY new to all this.

Thank you in advanced for your help!



SOOO I decided that it was a paid subscription thing I guess. I decided to sign up but it says I still have 9 days left of free trial. So I guess I cannot get SSL access until then? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hey David!

Apologies for the delayed response! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your free trial with Unbounce so far! :slight_smile:

Should you decide that you’ll want to sign up for the Essential Plan ($79/month), it does come with SSL protection. All of our paid plans have SSL certificates, and is generally enabled automatically after our system is able to locate the CNAME record that points the domain to’.

If your CNAME is set up correctly, our system may have stopped pinging your DNS to detect the CNAME record. If that’s the case, it might be a good idea to reach out to for one of our Support team members to give our system a jumpstart to be able to ping your DNS again :slight_smile:

As soon as our system find the CNAME record, the message beside the domain should change to “Enabling SSL”, and after SSL is enabled the message should change to “Working and Secure”.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!